Allegheny Activates

Black History Month 

During Black History Month, County Executive Rich Fitzgerald is proud to recognize African-American individuals & organizations - past and present - that have a connection to our county and have impacted the history of Allegheny County and/or the nation.

Every day in February, two profiles will be added to our Facebook page, Twitter feed and the list below. The County Executive invites you to learn about their accomplishments or struggles and celebrate the history of Allegheny County’s black community.

February 2014

Nathan Velar       Mildred E. Morrison   
Crestas Terrace Fire Company     Elliot Howsie 
Coretta Ogburn    Elayne Arrington, Ph.D. 
Josh Gibson    Sala Udin 
Avery Trade School for Colored Youth    Jackie Dixon 
Hazel Garland    Walter Howard Smith Jr., Ph.D. 
Eugene Walter Baker    Amanda Green Hawkins 
Freedom House Ambulance Service    Charles M. Powell 
Ann Sawyer Berkley    Dr. Joylette Portlock 
James McCoy Jr.    Reginald B. Young 
Harris House    Shanicka Kennedy 
Wilhelmina Byrd Brown    Anthony R. Bridge 
Matthew Moore Sr.    Mona N. Generett, Ph.D. 
Crawford Grill No. 2    Orlando L. Harper 
Frankie Pace    Doris Carson Williams 
Art Blakey    Austin Davis 
Horner Middle School    Stephanie Turman 
Lena Horne    Randolph W. Brockington 
Dr. Oswald Jerry Nickens    Ruth Byrd-Smith 
Centre Avenue YMCA    Judge Justin Johnson 
Lavera S. Brown    Freedom Corner 
Richard F. Jones, Esq.    Marguerite Hofer 
Rev. Elmer Louis Williams    Vernell Lillie 
Oliver Wendell Mason    Dr. Alice E. Carter 
Nancy H. Lee    Sylvia C. Wilson 
Dr. James A. Stewart    Earl Hill 
Thelma Lovette    Turahn Jenkins 
Petition to Create Allegheny County    Clarence Hopson